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Jixiang Aluminum Composite Panel

We are a professional manufacturer of aluminum composite board and fireproof board. We have built many famous brands with our advanced facility, scientific management and brilliant staff. These brands include FAME, JINJILI, JIN JIE LIN, and Ji da.

Manufactured with advanced technology and according to strict quality control procedures including ISO9001:2000, Jixiang aluminum composite panel conforms to the latest international standards.

Our products are categorized into 7 major types, exterior wall cladding, interior cladding, fire proof sheet, stone or wood grain sheet, mirror finish board, brushed board, and nano self-cleaning board. Multiple colors are available for choice.

1. Economic
Premium quality coatings prevent frequent maintenance, lowering maintenance cost. Because of environmental pollution, facade decoration needs to be cleaned once a few years in cities. Our aluminum composite panel has good self-cleaning ability, being easily cleaned with neutral detergent and water. Our products do not easily age after being cleaned.
2. Durable
The sandwich sheet has high weather resistance, thermal resistance, wear resistance, and stain resistance.
3. Flat and Smooth
Smooth surface is highly in accordance with modern aesthetic taste.
4. Light Weighted
Manufactured from aluminum and plastic, the ACP is light weighted and easy to install.
5. Easily Installed
The product can be easily cut, grooved, and bended to form various shapes.
6. Fireproof
Two nonflammable aluminum layers protect the polyethylene core from fire. The fire resistance performance of the composite material reaches international standards.
7. Flexible
The cladding sheet can be printed with any colors and can form various shapes, embodying unique fitting design and creating perfect decoration effect.
8. Environment-Friendly
The surface coating has high chemical stability and will not pollute the environment.

Manufacture Methods
1. Polyethylene extrusion and press
2. Surface leveling of polyethylene material
3. Posting polymer material
4. Conveying
5. Laminating
6. Posting protective film
7. Cutting

Production Facility
Panel laminating production line with heating system plays an important role in the manufacture of sandwich sheet. The equipment laminates aluminum sheets, polyethylene core, and polymer films into a flat composite sheet under high temperature and extrusion pressure.

We introduce advanced production line from Germany, and possess comprehensive examination equipment. We also use premium quality polymer film. Our aluminum composite panels have super high peel strength and conform to international standards.

High Quality Raw Material
1. Aluminum
We use 3003 or 5005 aluminum alloys that meet the GB T3880.2 standard, or other types of aluminum alloy with better erosion resistance and mechanical properties.
2. Coating
Our composite sheets are coated with weather resistant fluorocarbon and polyester, or other high performance material.
3. Core
We choose plastic that meets the GB11115, GB11116, GB/T15182, and other national and industrial standards.

Product Structure
Protective film, varnish, finish coating, ground coating, aluminum layer, aluminum alloy, polymer film, non-toxic polyethylene core, protective ground coating, chromium layer

The aluminum composite panel can be used in curtain walls and interior decoration at airport, dock, subway, hotel, entertainment place, upscale residential building, mansion, and office building. It can also be used in the fitting and design of large advertising board, showcase, newspaper kiosk, telephone booth, guard booth, traffic booth, gas station, shop, goods shelf, as well as the inside of vehicle.

Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Width: 1220mm, 1250mm, 1550mm
Length: 2440mm to 6000mm
The dimension can be customized.
Surface coating: PVDF, PET, and other stone or wood grain surface
Core: polyethylene with high fire and flame resistance, low density.

Our high cost-performance products have export destinations in Russia, Britain, India, the Middle East, and the Americas. Welcome to purchase our products!

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