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Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

The fireproof aluminum composite panel is a perfect combination of technology and art. It improves your life with its excellent quality. Surface of the composite board can be muted, mirrored, dull polished, or brushed. The sandwich sheet is suitable for decoration of room, furniture, vehicle, and laboratory equipment. It can also be used in toilet and shower partition.

1. Fire Resistance
The aluminum sheets at the two sides of the plastic core effectively protect the core from fire. The flame retardant chemicals in the plastic core further prevent the spread of fire. The sandwich sheet does not emit irritant gas when being scorched by fire. Fire resistance of the product reaches international standard.
2. High Mechanical Strength
3. Smooth Surface
Flat and smooth surface makes installation easy while bringing visual enjoyment.
4. Flexibility
The fireproof aluminum composite panel can be easily cut, grooved, or bent to form various shapes. It can also be printed with any color, embodying all kinds of decoration design.
5. Green Product
Surface of the fireproof ACP is able to remain stable chemical properties under high temperature or in fire, causing no pollution.

Standard width and length 1220x2440 MM
Thickness 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Width 1220MM, 1250MM, 1600MM
Length 2440mm to 6000mm

The fireproof aluminum composite panel is suitable for curtain walls and interior decoration at airport, dock, subway, hotel, entertainment place, upscale residential building, mansion, and office building. It is also suitable for the fitting and design of large advertising board, showcase, newspaper kiosk, telephone booth, guard booth, traffic booth, gas station, shop, goods shelf, as well as the inside of vehicle.

Fire Resistance
Examined Item Required Value Examination Result Conclusion
FIGRA, W/S B ≤120 44.78 Qualified
THR600s, MJ ≤7.5 2.91
Lateral spread of fire length, m Within the edge of the product Qualified
Flame length, mm ≤150 5
SMQGRA, ㎡/s2 s 1 ≤30 5.46 Qualified
TSP600s, ㎡ ≤50 37.90
Flaming debris d 0 No flaming debris within 600 seconds Qualified Qualified
Whether the filter paper is ignited The filter paper is not ignited Qualified
Smog toxicity t 0 ZA1 ZA1 Qualified

The fire resistance rating of our fireproof aluminum composite panel reaches level B. We adopt premium quality aluminum sheet coated with protective coatings as the surface sheet, and flame resistant plastic as the core. Our product is not only fireproof, but also nice-looking. The core is mainly made of plastic and magnesium hydroxide. In fire, magnesium hydroxide will produce water and volatilize, lowering the temperature of flame and inhibiting the spread of fire.

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