1. Jixiang Aluminum Composite PanelPremium quality coatings prevent frequent maintenance, lowering maintenance cost. Because of environmental pollution, facade decoration needs to be cleaned once a few years in cities. Our aluminum composite panel has good self-cleaning ability, being easily cleaned with neutral detergent and water.
    1. ACP Facade CladdingThe metal texture of ACP can add luxurious atmosphere to buildings. Different from metal panel, ACP is lighter, easy to bend and form. ACP is shock absorbing and sound insulating. In the meanwhile, it is easy to clean. It is widely used in public building and upscale residential building.
    1. ACP Exterior Wall CladdingACP is lighter than normal material, and has good strength. Its surface can go through anti-erosion treatment, and can be embossed, painted, or printed to produce ideal decoration effect. Its modern and colorful appearance can realize various decoration designs. In addition, the material is easy to clean.
    1. ACP for Interior DesignOur panel is mainly coated with polyester. It has long lifespan, fine craftmanship and is easy to clean. Its metal texture brings elegant and modern style. It has large surface area and multiple colors, can be processed into various shapes and used in all kind of decoration.
    1. Fireproof Aluminum Composite PanelThe flame retardant chemicals in the plastic core further prevent the spread of fire. The does not emit irritant gas when being scorched by fire. Fire resistance of the product reaches international standard.

Aluminum Composite Panels

The aluminum plastic composite sheet is often referred to as aluminum composite panel. It is a cladding material featuring two aluminum sheets sandwiching a polyethylene core, and then coated with multiple protection layers. The sandwich sheet is invented by the ALUSINGEN company in Germany, and improved by the FORKEN company in the Netherlands and ALOCA in America. After 1990th, the material gradually entered its mature period, and its quality reached a high level.

Made from two different materials, the composite sheet combines the advantage of metal and plastic, and offsets the disadvantage of the two materials. The ACP panel has luxurious and nice appearance. It can be printed with multiple colors to deliver perfect decoration effect. In the meanwhile, it is light and can be easily formed and installed. It has high weather resistance, erosion resistance, impact resistance, fire resistance, humidity resistance, and high level of sound insulation as well as thermal insulation. The aluminum composite panel has so much advantage that it has wide applications in various industries.