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Glossy Aluminum Composite Panel

Our glossy aluminum composite panel has high surface flatness and low defective rate because we own high performance manufacture machines and strict quality control procedures. We use advanced plastic extrusion system, calender machine, and pressure forming machine with heating system. We also require high equipment cleanliness during manufacture. Our premium quality composite sheet is suitable for decoration in hotels, gas stations, and other places.

1. The glossy aluminum composite panel has high gloss surface and bright colors. It will be quite attractive if being used in advertising board.
2. Its weather resistance is the same as that of fluorocarbon coating.
3. Hardness of the surface coating is higher than 4H.
4. The ACP is light weighted, easy to process, and easy to clean.

Thickness 1.5-5.0mm
Width 1220mm 1250mm 1600mm
Length 2440-6000mm
Standard dimension 1220X2440mm
Customized dimension is also available.

Our after-sale service is considerate and satisfying. You can refer to service related pages for more information. You are welcomed to contact us.

Application of the glossy ACP

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