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    1. PVDF Coating Aluminum PanelThe PVDF coating aluminum panel has long life circle. The aluminum board does not easily fade and is flame retardant. It is flat and smooth, and easy to install. The building material has various colors and is widely used in wall decoration of all kinds of business and industrial ...
    1. PET Coating Aluminum PanelThe PET coating aluminum panel looks nice and elegant. It does not emit toxic gases or contain toxic chemicals that do harm to human health. The PET coating is flame retardant and resistant to humidity. The does not fade after being washed with water and does not easily deform ...
    1. Powder Coating Aluminum PanelCrafted from high performance aluminum alloy, processed by advanced manufacture technique, and coated with high quality powder coating, the powder coating aluminum panel has many advantages. The powder coating owns flat and smooth surface revealing ...

Aluminum Panel

Our aluminum panel consists of substrate, strengthening rib, suspension loop and other parts. Rock wool thermal insulation layer can be attached to the back of the board upon request. The substrate adopts 1100H24, 3003H24, or 5005H24 single-layer aluminum alloy sheet. The suspension loop can be made by bending the substrate or installing independent suspension loops to the substrate. To ensure the flatness of the aluminum board during long-term use, we install strengthening ribs to the back of the board.
The standard thickness of the aluminum board is 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, or 3.0mm, and the standard dimension is 600X600mm, or 600X1200mm.

1. Anti-Erosion
Kynar 500 fluorocarbon coating effectively prevents the erosion of acid rain, air pollution, and UV.
2. Free of Light Pollution
Dull polished surface has low gloss and produces diffused reflection, preventing light pollution.
3. Easy to Clean
Dust cannot easily accumulate on the fluorocarbon coating, so the aluminum panel does not easily get stained and is easy to clean.
4. Colorful
Hundreds of standard colors are available for the fluorocarbon coating. Special colors can be customized.
5. Light Weighted and with High Strength
High quality stainless aluminum owns high mechanical strength. Special welding technology further improves the strength of the aluminum board. The product is able to resist strong wind, shock, lightning, and erosion of rain.
6. Easily Installed
7. Flexible

The decoration material can be cut or bent into various shapes.
8. Green and Recyclable

The aluminum panel is suitable for curtain wall of all kinds of buildings, interior decoration of buildings and vehicles, as well as the decoration of advertising boards, furniture, equipments, and exhibition stands.

Manufacture Process
Drawing design sketches, preparing raw materials, drawing lines, cutting corners, cutting grooves, bending edges, welding, sanding, installing suspension loops, installing strengthening ribs, polishing, degreasing, washing with water, washing with acid, chroming, cleaning, drying, cooling, drawing lines, spraying base coating, leveling, spraying color paint, leveling, spraying finishing paint, leveling, drying, cooling, posting protective film, transferring to warehouses

Our company was formed in 2003. We possess advanced manufacture equipments and experienced workers, and provide a wide range of products as well as considerate after-sale services. Aluminum panels can be customized based on customer requirements. Special product dimensions are available upon request.

We will first send customers our design sketches for confirmation of product dimension. Then, contracts will be signed. After manufacture completes, we will send goods to customers and guide the installation.