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Sales Case of Composite Panel

Case 1
At the beginning of December 2012, we received inquiry from a customer in South America. The customer did not designate specific product dimension. All information we got was that the customer wanted to use our products in exterior wall decoration. Based on our knowledge about the South American market, we recommended suitable specifications and quoted a competitive price.

In January 2013, the customer confirmed the color, specification, and price of the composite panel and ordered 8,000 square meters. At the same time, the customer wanted goods to be delivered before the Spring Festival. As we had enough manufacture capacity, we agreed on the delivery time. During the manufacture, we informed the customer with our progress. Finally we finished this batch of products earlier than the preset delivery time.

The manufacture did not finish here. At the time we were preparing for the delivery, the customer asked whether another 12,000 square meters of composite panel could be manufactured before the Spring Festival. At that time, the Spring Festival holiday was approaching. However, after coordination with our manufacture department, we agreed the request from the customer. We delayed the holiday and used four production lines to manufacture the ordered products. We took every effort to increase manufacture efficiency and ensure product quality. Finally, we delivered goods on time.

In this sales case, we manufactured 20,000 square meters of qualified composite panel within a week. The customer highly appreciated our product quality and manufacture efficiency, and expressed the willingness to establish long-term cooperation with us.

Case 2
In February 2013, we received an email expressing interest on our products. We immediately gave our responses and inquired the customer's requirements on product specifications. We also provided our recommendation on product specifications.

The next day, we received response from the customer. The customer accepted our recommendation and specified the color and quantity. At the same time, the customer asked for our quotation. We sent our color card to the customer for confirmation and inquired the customer where the product would be used. Based on the application of the product, we can give more rational price.

The customer answered our questions the third day and we offered an appropriate price. As the customer asked for excellent product quality, the price was higher than normal. After we explained why we had to ask for such a price, the customer accepted our quotation. The customer was quite pleased after receiving introduction materials of our company and our certificates.

After several days, we connected the customer again, and the customer decided to purchase our products. Following the standard process, we signed contracts with the customer, received the deposit and began manufacture. We delivered goods to the customer before the agreed delivery time and won high appreciation.