Shandong Jixiang Decoration and Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Add.: Tanyi Industry Zone, Fei County, Shandong Province, China
Tel.: +86-539-7111286


Before Sale
We will confirm with customers the color and specifications of products. Customers can send us samples or pictures.

During Shipment
Shipment will be tracked and we will notify customers once goods arrive.

After Goods Arrive
When a customer receives goods, we will double check the number, specifications, and color of the goods.

During Installation
We will provide guidance for product installation. Refer to "Installation Guide" for more information.

After Installation Completes
Once product installation is finished, we will contact customers for feedback on product quality, color difference, and other issues. If a customer needs more products, we will finish manufacture as soon as possible. Technical service is available if there are remaining problems in product installation. If quality problems occur, after confirmation, we will manufacture and ship new products for free to replace faulty products.

After Sale
Feedback on product quality and information on market needs will be collected. Suggestions from customers on our products and service are welcomed. Based on these suggestions, we will improve our service.
We always provide considerate and thoughtful after-sale service to protect and maintain long-term cooperation relationship with customers.